RedeemUs Social Services Communities Corporation

About RedeemUs Social Services

RedeemUs Social Services Communities Corporation Corporation is a 501(c)(3), tax-exempt organization established to provide identification and human services to the homeless communities now serving: Atlanta, Georgia/Charlotte, North Carolina/Chicago, Illinois/ St. Louis, Missouri as well as the Greater New York and Philadelphia Metropolitan Area.

RedeemUs Social Services is fully committed to actively attend to the needs of the homeless. Dedicated to the principle that everyone should have an address, RedeemUs Social Services successfully restores those in need of emergency supportive housing and additionally providing seasonal warming and cooling stations. Other RedeemUs Social Services include: real-time on the street outreach and agency referrals, acute medical assistance and needs assessment, psychological treatment including emotional and grief counseling. Special attention is paid to acute cases, veterans and families. In addition, job preparedness training, interviewing training and job referrals are also provided.